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Wonderfully served

Soup, pasta, stew, curry, cold bowl, Superbowl, cereal, ice cream, dips, salad - the selection of delicious dishes, which can be arranged perfectly in bowls and dishes is varied.

Beautiful bowls set this great variety in scene very nicely, so it is even more enjoyable snack - because you eat with your eyes first.

Our wonderfully unique ceramic bowls set your table perfectly in scene - while making fun of experimenting with colors and shapes. Our colors can be combined perfectly, so you can easily put together your very personal, individual placemat, or you love it classic uniform. Thanks to the beautiful hand-painted color gradients of our ceramic bowls, your dining table is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. And best of all: the purchase of individual pieces of tableware becomes a special treat thanks to the mix-and-match character of our collection.

But our bowls made of stoneware are also outside the dining room as a wonderful home accessories: equipped with tealights as atmospheric candle detail, in the hallway as a handy key storage, in the bathroom as a make-up brush holder or for hair clips - especially our smallest bowls are perfect to all your beautiful little things to give a home. Never again look for hairpins - doesn't that sound heavenly?

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