Here it is, the season that spreads energy and joie de vivre like no other:
Verão, the summer!
Our Verão collection is a tribute to the lightness of summer days, the never-ending hot evenings and the rays of sunshine that fill your home.
The Verão collection is strictly limited    it pays to be quick!
Its pattern highlights the main protagonist of summer: the sun! The vibrant colour, applied by hand with precise brushstrokes, brings summer feelings to the table - or the picnic blanket. Each plate thus becomes a unique, small piece of art of the highest quality craftsmanship. The meticulous attention to detail makes this collection a Limited Edition and a very special treasure to have in your home.
Whether as a colourful single piece or in a colourful mix & match with other colours and shapes in the collection, find the combination that suits you and your style. The best thing about Verão is that while summer may come and go, the vibrant feeling of hot summer days will stay with you for a long time thanks to this tableware.

Product information

Material: stoneware
Series: Verão - Limited Edition
Finish: glossy
Color: Color and glaze applied by hand. Irregularities occur in the production an make every piece unique.

Care instructions

Dishwasher safe
Oven safe up to 180°C
Microwave suitable
Verão Summer