Mediterranean coziness: scented candles in dream designs ❤ Motel a Miio

When it's wet and cold outside, it can be really cosy inside - with scented candles from ❤ Motel a Miio! Sweeten the grey autumn and winter days with wonderful fragrances that will take you back to the beaches of the Algarve and bring back memories of your last summer holiday! Because our scented candles really are something very special: set in colorful ceramic cups, they are real little interior highlights and bring the fun-loving atmosphere of the sunny south into your four walls. The colors, shapes and not least the fragrances themselves are as versatile as a day by the sea. And while you're at it - click through our vases and other accessories and bring Mediterranean joie de vivre into the dark season!

Small and fine: design highlights with a feel-good factor

Sage, sandalwood, pomegranate - our selected fragrances will make you feel the sand under your feet and the sun on your skin. But it's not just your nose that will be delighted, your eyes will be too, because the models in our shop are also real highlights for interior lovers. Each candle is encased in a Portuguese ceramic mug and each mug is unique in its design. Like all products in our shop, these are handmade, unique pieces, produced exclusively in a fair and sustainable way. 
The mugs are designed by us and then lovingly handcrafted by our partners in Portugal, traditional artisans. With a scented candle from Motel a Miio, you can bring a truly unique piece into your home!

Dream looks with a scent

This season, some of our most popular scented candle ranges are available in refreshing looks and new fragrances. But of course you will also find popular classics in our shop. Our favorites are:
- Copa Alto: Discover something new here! This season, our Copa Alto scented candles are presented in new colors, new packaging and with new selected fragrances.
- Coimbra: The enchanting color gradient in our Coimbra collection is back again this season. Inspired by wave haptics and the scents of the sunny south!
- João: Our colorful João styles are bright and full of joie de vivre. Gentle waves are reflected in the asymmetrical, hand-flattering shape. The pretty round lid is almost reminiscent of a scoop of ice cream melting in the sun!

Find unique scented candles in the ❤ Motel a Miio online shop now!

No winter is complete without scented candles. Get your Mediterranean design highlight at home now and sweeten the dark days with a Mediterranean atmosphere! And if you can't get enough of our designs, then browse through our shop and find more unique, handcrafted ceramic candles! Also perfect as a Christmas gift.