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With this Set we are leaving the cold winter behind. To celebrate Summer accordingly, we chose a colourful combination for you. Bold Colours meet soft ones, which will make you excited for Summer in Portugal. Impress your friends at the next dinner party with these brave colours and special patterns.
Pair colorful ceramics with neutral tones like white, beige or pink to create a contrast that makes the colors pop.
Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns and colors of ceramics. You can use a tablecoth with crazy patterns but fitting colours.
Remember, the key to styling colorful ceramics is to have fun and experiment with different combinations until you find a look that you love!
-12% Bold summer - 8-delige set Bold summer - 8-delige set 2 Bold summer - 8-delige set 192 € 169 €
-17% Bold Summer - 16-delige set Bold Summer - 16-delige set 2 Bold Summer - 16-delige set 384 € 319 €
Melides bord groot deepseablue Melides bord groot deepseablue 2 Melides bord groot deepseablue 26 €
Melides bord klein deepseablue Melides bord klein deepseablue 2 Melides bord klein deepseablue 22 €
Melides pastabord deepseablue Melides pastabord deepseablue 2 Melides pastabord deepseablue 26 €
Melides mueslikom deepseablue Melides mueslikom deepseablue 2 Melides mueslikom deepseablue 22 €
Melides mok klein deepseablue Melides mok klein deepseablue 2 Melides mok klein deepseablue 14 €
Melides minibord diep deepseablue Melides minibord diep deepseablue 2 Melides minibord diep deepseablue 18 €
Melides sauskommetje klein deepseablue Melides sauskommetje klein deepseablue 2 Melides sauskommetje klein deepseablue 12 €
Melides sauskommetje groot diepseablauw Melides sauskommetje groot diepseablauw 2 Melides sauskommetje groot diepseablauw 14 €
Melides serveerschaal deepseablue Melides serveerschaal deepseablue 2 Melides serveerschaal deepseablue 69 €
Melides serveerbord M deepseablue Melides serveerbord M deepseablue 2 Melides serveerbord M deepseablue 24 €
Melides serveerbord L deepseablue Melides serveerbord L deepseablue 2 Melides serveerbord L deepseablue 49 €
Melides bord groot rosé Melides bord groot rosé 2 Melides bord groot rosé 26 €
Melides bord kleine rosé Melides bord kleine rosé 2 Melides bord kleine rosé 22 €
Melides pastabord rosé Melides pastabord rosé 2 Melides pastabord rosé 26 €
Melides mueslikom rosé Melides mueslikom rosé 2 Melides mueslikom rosé 22 €
Melides mok kleine rosé Melides mok kleine rosé 2 Melides mok kleine rosé 14 €
Melides minibord diep rosé Melides minibord diep rosé 2 Melides minibord diep rosé 18 €
Melides sauskommetje klein rosé Melides sauskommetje klein rosé 2 Melides sauskommetje klein rosé 12 €
Melides serveerschaal rosé Melides serveerschaal rosé 2 Melides serveerschaal rosé 69 €
Melides bord groot whitewater Melides bord groot whitewater 2 Melides bord groot whitewater 26 €
Melides bord klein whitewater Melides bord klein whitewater 2 Melides bord klein whitewater 22 €
Melides pastabord whitewater Melides pastabord whitewater 2 Melides pastabord whitewater 26 €
Melides mueslikom whitewater Melides mueslikom whitewater 2 Melides mueslikom whitewater 22 €
Melides mok klein whitewater Melides mok klein whitewater 2 Melides mok klein whitewater 14 €
Melides minibord diep whitewater Melides minibord diep whitewater 2 Melides minibord diep whitewater 18 €
Melides sauskommetje klein whitewater Melides sauskommetje klein whitewater 2 Melides sauskommetje klein whitewater 12 €
Melides sauskommetje groot whitewater Melides sauskommetje groot whitewater 2 Melides sauskommetje groot whitewater 14 €
Melides serveerschaal whitewater Melides serveerschaal whitewater 2 Melides serveerschaal whitewater 69 €
Melides serveerbord M whitewater Melides serveerbord M whitewater 2 Melides serveerbord M whitewater 24 €
Melides serveerbord L whitewater Melides serveerbord L whitewater 2 Melides serveerbord L whitewater 49 €