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our producers

Better together

Together for the best quality

Over the years, close collaboration with our partners has developed. We visit every production regularly. This is how we build trust and respect on both sides and also ensure our high quality standards.

What we value

Our principles apply not only to our ceramics, but also to the selection of our producers. The following four principles guide us to the most talented people who share our vision and embody our values:


For us, experience is a key factor when selecting our producers because it guarantees the highest quality craftsmanship and expertise.


We only work with producers who play fair play. They ensure fair working conditions and fair pay because it is as important to them as it is to us.


Our communication is clear, honest and warm. We ensure regular communication because this is how we build trust and create strong bonds.


All Motel a Miio products are truly unique. That's why all of our producers work by hand: passion and attention to detail make the difference!

The beginning of our journey in Nazaré

Our unforgettable journey with Rui & Vera begins in Nazaré, a place full of tradition and charm. With all the kids in their showroom, surrounded by delicate ceramic treasures, we literally feel like a elephant in a china shop. To this day, this memory makes us smile. But this is exactly where we fell in love and brought our first collection to life.

Since then, we have been through thick and thin and shaped Motel a Miio together.
Each visit we share not only shops but also a traditional Portuguese meal. And we recently cleared up an old misunderstanding, Rui is the proud owner of Donkey's - not Monkey's!

Very talented ladies

Our search for the perfect vase production leads us to Carla and her fantastic team. Over 40 talented women and one man, some of whom are in the third generation of this craft, are committed to perfection.
In addition to the art of vase crafting, they are also real life lovers. They like to celebrate – be it weddings, love or simply life itself. And who would say no to that? We are proud to be part of this wonderful family who enriches our collections with their craftsmanship and joy of life.

Funky stuff from Mario

In 1942, Mario's grandfather founded the production facility above Porto. Mario is a passionate artist and loves creating "new funky stuff". Through his hard work and the partnership with Motel a Miio, the production grew to a total of 70 employees, including 30 talented women. Amazingly, Mario still does almost everything himself and is the creative mind behind every design.

His team shares his passion and brings impressive creativity and an exceptional sense of humor. Their openness to new ideas and their creative energy have brought us many great innovations. We are excited about all the ideas that are to come.

A family business with passion

Telmo's family business is a place where creativity bubbles and passion for art is in the air. In our glass production, every piece is hand-blown and the team is on duty around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure that the ovens do not get cold. This means shift work, but it's worth it because it would take forever to get the machines back to the right temperature. Telmo is the heart of production. A cheerful spirit that is always open to new developments. Craftsmanship is practiced here, and the results are unique pieces that enrich our hearts and homes.

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