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About Us

Holidays forever

We want to encourage you to live life to the fullest and celebrate every moment. That's why we bring joy and lightness into every home with our products. The reason? Quite simply: Life is much more colorful when we enjoy it.

How it all started

Salt on your skin, sand in your hair and children's laughter in your ears. This is how the Motel a Miio journey starts during a family vacation in Portugal. Our founders Anna & Laura stumble across handmade ceramics on a sunny day. It's love at first sight. They immediately know: We want to bring these unique pieces into the world!

From Portugal to the world

Said and done. With the vision of spreading the holiday feeling of Portugal worldwide, they took the first step - the birth of the pop-up store in the Hofstatt Munich. But that was just the beginning. In 2016, the search began for producers whose hearts beat for unique ceramics as much as ours. After seven years, there are now around 30 stores across Europe that embody Motel a Miio's unique flair. But that is only the beginning! Our vision extends far beyond the borders of Europe.

Our core values

The values ​​of our origins are still the central themes of Motel a Miio today and run like a common thread through the brand, drive us and create the basis for our actions.


Joy is contagious. At Motel a Miio we value the little things and share them through inspiring products and stories.


We value uniqueness, create unique pieces with attention to detail and share special people and real stories.

A piece of art

We rely on sophisticated design, our Motel a Miio products are statement pieces that are proudly presented at home.

Better together

We promote close relationships with employees, partners and customers to build strong networks, collaborations and synergies.

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