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NEW Madeira - Bowl modern large Madeira - Bowl modern large 2 Madeira - Bowl modern large 28 €
-10% NEW Joia - Set of 4 glasses riffled mix Joia - Set of 4 glasses riffled mix 2 Joia - Set of 4 glasses riffled mix 80 € 72 €
NEW Areia Shell - Pastabowl sand Areia Shell - Pastabowl sand 2 Areia Shell - Pastabowl sand 26 €
Cogumelo - Ceramic lamp lightblue Cogumelo - Ceramic lamp lightblue 2 Cogumelo - Ceramic lamp lightblue 169 €
-10% NEW Joia - Set of 4 glasses bubble mix Joia - Set of 4 glasses bubble mix 2 Joia - Set of 4 glasses bubble mix 88 € 79 €
-19% NEW Madeira modern - Set of 7 pieces Madeira modern - Set of 7 pieces 2 Madeira modern - Set of 7 pieces 172 € 139 €
NEW Areia - Bowl modern large sand Areia - Bowl modern large sand 2 Areia - Bowl modern large sand 28 €
NEW Sintra Shell - Servingbowl sand Sintra Shell - Servingbowl sand 2 Sintra Shell - Servingbowl sand 89 €
-10% NEW Joia - Set of 4 glasses small mix Joia - Set of 4 glasses small mix 2 Joia - Set of 4 glasses small mix 72 € 65 €
NEW Coimbra Espressomug petrol Coimbra Espressomug petrol 2 Coimbra Espressomug petrol 14 €
Unique Pottery and
Tableware - Motel a Miio

Vacation only for a few weeks a year? Not with Motel a Miio. We fell in love with Portugal - the country, its people, the lifestyle, and of course, the style! So, we thought: if we can't bring the land and its people with us, let's at least bring the (Life)Style into our homes! So that we can feed off Mediterranean vibes and Southern European zest for life all year round. And we do this with handmade pottery in absolutely unique designs.

Bring the vacation feeling to your home – our shop offers a colorful variety of dinnerware and ceramics from Portugal!

Distinctive Styles
for Individualists

High-quality ceramics are among our absolute favorites when it comes to spreading fresh, cheerful, and at the same time stylish vibes. Whether you're at home, in a co-working space, or in the office. Wherever we are, we want to feel good! And surround ourselves with beautiful things that inspire us and put a smile on our faces. Whether you're settling down with a big cup of coffee for a short break at your favorite spot, inviting all your friends over for some soul food, or just grabbing a quick snack - with our dinnerware and ceramic designs, you and your loved ones can savor the perfect moment every time.

We also love ceramics for their individuality and casualness. It's less delicate and intricate than porcelain, somewhat more raw, down-to-earth, cooler. And ceramics are beautiful! In a perfectly imperfect way. In our shop, you'll only find ethically and sustainably produced unique pieces, lovingly handcrafted by our partners in Portugal. The distinctive looks are designed by us and then crafted in Portugal by traditional artisans – from potting to firing to the intricate finishes and glazes. Deliberate variations in color and form, pleasant textures, and stylish glazes all contribute to the consistently unique charm of Motel a Miio. For relaxed vacation vibes, all year round.

Let the Mediterranean sun
shine – with Portuguese
pottery from Motel a Miio

Whether it's a vaze or coffee mugs, cereal bowls or mugs, individual design highlights or comprehensive dinnerware sets – browse our shop, fall in love with our pottery, and discover what you might not even know you're looking for!