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Free Beach Bag * from a purchase value of 100 €
„I love organic shapes, colors and
textures. For me it is not about telling
the story through its representational
elements, but about triggering an
emotion through abstraction.“
Ju Schnee

100 %
of the profi ts from the
candle holders will be donated
to visions4children.
Ju‘s work ranges from digital illustration and motion design
to real 3D installations and murals. The Berlin-based artist
always works in an abstract way and combines her typical
forms with various media – recently: ceramics.

Energetic, dreamy and loud – Motel a Miio and
Ju Schnee will take you into a colorful and gaudy
world full of abstract shapes, colors and above all
– a lot of fun.
After the young illustrator and visual artist from Berlin
had already decorated the Nuremberg and Munich
stores with her eye-catching art in the form of colorful
murals, the online sale for the first collection of Motel
a Miio and Ju Schnee starts now. Better be quick!
Because the playful vases and candle holders are
limited to 150 or 200 pieces per color.

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