Guaranteed delivery by Christmas only for marked products *
There are unique, handcrafted Motel a Miio products, worth over 450 €, waiting for you to be unwrapped.
We have a big surprise for you and your loved ones!
You can look forward to a special Motel a Miio pre-Christmas experience filled with both small and big gifts. Our Advent calendar is a limited edition, so act quickly! Not every door is easy to find. Enjoy the anticipation and embark on the search every day. We have selected the most beautiful highlights from our product range for you.
What's hiding behind the 24 doors?
That remains our secret for now. What we can reveal is that your Motel a Miio set will be complete just in time for Christmas and will enchant your table with vibrant colors. From brunch to lunch, dinner, or a cozy snack in between, you can expect the perfect companions for a colorful, sensual, and relaxed Christmas season. But don't worry, these products will bring you joy all year round, whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter.
For the very curious among you, here's a little sneak peek. But be careful! If you click on the plus, the content of the Advent calendar will no longer be a surprise.
What can I expect for the price of 299 €?
You can expect handpicked Motel a Miio products. We have selected the most beautiful highlights from our product range for you. In the end, you'll receive a color-coordinated set worth over 450 €.
Can I exchange individual products if I don't like them?
If you don't like individual products, why not gift them to someone else? Share your joy and the products with your loved ones.
Can the packaging be reused?
We've put a lot of effort not only into selecting the products but also into designing the packaging. We hope you are as enchanted as we are. The packaging is perfect for storing personal treasures or for use as gift wrapping for your loved ones. Share the joy and the colors and reuse the packaging.
Can I exchange the calendar?
You can exchange your calendar within 14 days if it's in its original packaging and in its original condition. Individual products are excluded from the exchange.
Can I use a discount code for the Advent calendar?
With the Advent calendar, you already secure a price advantage of over 150 €. Therefore, no additional discount codes can be applied. We appreciate your understanding!